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Home Improvement Grants

July 4th, 2009

Home Improvement GrantsBy applying for home improvement grants, homeowners can obtain the money they need for basic home repairs, maintenance and upgrades. These grant programs are often provided by local government agencies, but the assistance that can be provided by organizations should not be overlooked. Because of the tax incentives these organization obtain, they may be able to provide just as much money, if not more, with less restrictions and easier terms to deal with due to the lack of red tape.

As long as the applicant is the owner of the property and is a tax paying citizen, they are free to apply for as many home improvement grants that are available. Once approved, the agreed amount of money is delivered to the applicant either by check or direct deposit.

It is important to fully understand the terms of the grant that is being provided to ensure that the money is used appropriately. That way there is no tax or interest assessed and, more importantly, the home improvement grant will never have to be paid back. Because various government organizations and private foundations offer grants for home improvement, the terms depend on the specific grant that is obtained. However, by searching a current directory, it is often possible to find home improvement grants for the following purposes:

  • Interior and exterior repairs, improvements and renovations
  • Remodeling or expanding your home
  • Repairing or upgrading roofing, plumbing and electrical
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Emergency home repairs

Just as there are different types of home improvement grants, there are different qualification and eligibility requirements. Some programs require meeting a certain income status, while others are provided for those who live in specific communities, regardless of credit or income. While the funds obtained can help finance both labor and material costs, they may not be able to finance 100% of your project.

In the even that a grant cannot be obtained, there are often other government funding options, including low-interest loans. When compared to a traditional bank loan, these options can often serve as a better alternative. But because grant money does not have to be repaid, that is generally the preferred method of financing, when available.

In addition to government grants for home repairs, community development and restoration, there is also funding available for mobile home owners who need to make their living situation safer, more accessible, and more energy conscious.

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